Because I am kind, smart, and important, here’s the trailer to the upcoming Damien Chazelle film “La La Land,” staring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Watch it, please.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

Per IMDB the film is slated for a December 16 release – firmly within Oscar season. And if Chazelle’s last effort (“Whiplash“) is any indication, we could be looking at another indie darling.

The synopsis is vague: “A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.” But it’s clear enough that this is a musical and that I wish my life were lit in those rich blues and reds.

It may take one a few viewings, but it’s the colors that stand out. Gosling is lit in blue, Stone in red, and together they’re in purple (skip to the 0:57 mark). Of course, the sunsets and sunrises find their way into the trailer as well. La La Land is the City of Lights so it only feels appropriate Chazelle looks to employ color in this way.

But let’s rewind to the whistle and that piano. My God. At first blush, it reminded me of the accordion from the trailer for “Midnight In Paris” – a film, like “La La Land” that seemed so utterly transfixed and inspired by place.

And Ryan Gosling can (Seriously!) sing!

Something in this trailer just clicks. Whether it’s the appropriateness of a musical set in a whimsical, magical, romantic, and heartbreaking city; the chemistry of its leads (“Crazy, Stupid, Love”); or just the anticipation for the next thing from the “Whiplash” I can’t say. Just that I’ve got my $11 at the ready.