wzjag9bahpstesuyz995Hello again LTLiens. Back again with another round of Sunday Movie Trailers. We have some interesting one’s this week, which I think you will either enjoy quite a bit, or terribly despise. Either way, it’s good fun. We have GoldLive By NightCollateral Beauty, and The Promise.

Let’s get it going.


Matthew McConaughey’s new film, directed by Stephen Gaghan (TrafficSyriana), is a story about an American business man who travels to Indonesia in the search of gold, hence the title, and fortune. Also starring Edgar Ramirez and Bryce Dallas Howard, this film does look all that great. But, with the talent attached, and McConaughey looking kind of scummy, I’m willing to give it a shot.

M&M has been in kind of a rut lately. After Dallas Buyer’s ClubThe Wolf of Wall StreetTrue Detective, and Interstellar (2013-2014) he fallen off the fame perch, hard. He’s done The Sea of Trees and Free State of Jones, which have both been far from stellar. But, maybe a career re-renaissance is in order. With this film, and The Dark Tower (with Idris Elba) coming early next year, he could be back on top. Alright.

Interest Level: 3/5

Release Date: December 25, 2016

Live By Night

I have been quite excited for this film for a while now. I first heard about it when I picked up Dennis Lehane’s novel of the same name when it first came out back in 2012. It’s the story of one’s man’s rise in the organized crime ring in Boston during the 1920’s, the Prohibition era.

The film is directed by and stars Ben Affleck as Joe Coughlin, who’s acting career is much longer than his directing career. The difference is that his directing career has been great thus far (Gone Baby GoneThe Town, and Academy Award winner for Best Picture Argo), while his acting career has been a roller coaster ride. I trust this is a passion project for Ben, especially with the story being based in Boston, so I’m guessing this one will be good.

Interest Level: 5/5

Release Date: January 13, 2017

Collateral Beauty

Oh, man. That trailer was all sorts of bad. If you couldn’t tell by now, Will Smith desperately wants a golden statue. But this may be his worst attempt yet. This film looks primed for a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, given it’s comical corniness. Death, time, love. Could the writers be any more obvious?

This film is going to be so hung-up on beating their themes to death that the story will most certainly suffer, dramatically. I honestly cannot fathom how so many great actors and actresses agreed to do this. With all that said, I still might see it. And I hate myself for it.

Interest Level: 2/5

Release Date: December 16, 2016

The Promise

Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac in a movie together? Say no more. Directed by Terry George (Hotel Rwanda), the film is set during the fall of the Ottoman Empire, following the struggles of three intellectual types trying to find a way to escape the pitfalls of war.

I can’t tell how I feel about this film quite yet. The story is there, the acting is there, and the drama is there. I just can’t bring myself to feel excitement for this film, even with Bale and Isaac attached. I will surely see it, but I can’t say I’m too excited for that moment.

Interest Level:3/5

Release Date: Sometime, 2016

Let us know how excited you are for these trailers!

Til’ next time.