Welcome to Lit To Lens’ Oscar draft special!

Because Will and I (and our two roommates, Charlie and Corey) are super competitive, we find it necessary to make a game out of everything. The Oscars are no different.

The rules are simple. There are 122 nominees for 24 categories. The four of us took turns drafting nominee by nominee until we filled our rosters with 30 each – yes, meaning we left two nominees undrafted (our apologies to “Allied” in Best Costume Design and “Sully” in Best Sound Editing).

Category winners are worth 10 points a pop – unless your winner falls into one of the Big Eight categories (Picture, Director, Acting, Writing), in which case the point totals are doubled. Overall, this means there’s 320 points available.

We drafted snake in the following order:

  • Will
  • Erik
  • Charlie
  • Corey

Below you’ll see screen grabs of our picks color coordinated in this way:


And here’s how it shakes out:




Enjoy the Oscars and let’s go Denzel!