Warning: graphic content ahead.

This week, two new films see wide release: Smurfs: The Lost Village and Going in Style. If you’re going to the theater this weekend, don’t forget the Pepto Bismol.

Smurfs 3 (as I’m going call it because, let’s be honest, you don’t care what comes after the colon) opens at 3,610 theaters. Going in Style opens at 3,061. Box Office Mojo does not have confidence this will be a particularly strong weekend financially for the biz.

Smurfs 3 is a fully-animated telling of the adventures had by small blue humanoids who live in mushroom houses. That means no Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, or Hank Azaria. But it’s also a little cheaper than the previous Smurfs. Smurfs 3 carries a tag of $60 million, compared to the $100 million cost of Smurfs 2Smurfs 2 opened to $17.5 million back in 2013 and Smurfs 3 is tracking a little worse. Per Box Office Mojo, analysts are projecting $16 million.

The thing about the Smurfs, though, is that they’re big money overseas (like we said about Ghost in the Shell last week). In fact, as of this writing Smurfs 3 has already opened in 38 overseas markets and grossed $15 million.

On the other side of things, what the hell is Morgan Freeman doing? Going in Style (wait, this is a remake of a 1979 movie??) is projected to open to $8 million on a reported $25 million budget. Early reviews are somewhat mixed and, per Mojo, it’s closest comp is a 2013 movie called The Big Wedding. (If you’ve heard of or seen that movie I will personally Venmo you a poop emoji as a reminder of your terrible life choices.)

With Beauty and the Beast in its fourth week of release, and The Boss Baby looking at more competition for that kiddie dollar, overall box office performance is expected to dip from previous weeks. But hey, The Fate of the Furious opens next week. The real question will be what’s greater: the opening weekend gross of #F8 or the cumulative performance of this week’s top 12. Check back next week to find out!

L2L’s Top Five Prediction:

  1. The Boss Baby
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Smurfs 3
  4. Power Rangers
  5. Ghost in the Shell