Can you hear that? It’s silence.

Why? Because I’ve been left alone. My roommates are gone to Europe, my girlfriend is out of town, and I’m here – with enough beer and ice cream to get me through just about anything.

To mark the occasion, I made the decision to get my binge mode on. To watch a movie every night and write a bit about each one.

The order hasn’t been fully set, though the plan is to watch seven movies in total. You can check back in on this page to see fresh links to all the write-ups as the week progresses.

I got a list…here’s the order of my list that it’s in:

Movie No. 1: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Movie No. 2: Doctor Strange

Movie No. 3: Moonrise Kingdom

Movie No. 4: Life Itself

Movie No. 5: War Machine

Movie No. 6: Shakespeare in Love

Movie No. 7: Baby Driver