Stephen King needs no introduction for readers or film buffs. He’s been publishing since the late 1960s: 54 novels, 200+ short stories, and more than 100 film and television adaptations of his work. Not surprisingly, he’s one of the best-selling novelists ever.

In thinking about our next season of the Lit To Lens podcast, we floated out the idea of an author-centric season. And King was our obvious muse.

But with a catalog so vast, where to begin? And how to pack the most King into four episodes?

Luckily for us, from August to October, two major King adaptations are hitting the big screen (The Dark Tower and It Part 1: The Loser’s Club). The Dark Tower, says the author, is his long-term gift to readers – what he wants to be known for, the Kingiest of all the King’s. And It, well it’s just about scary clowns we think? In addition to its 1,000 page length.

Finding a third film to round out our season proved difficult. There are so many good options to choose from. That said, it would do us a disservice to read and watch the three most-popular and well-known adaptations. The man has written more than 200 short stories.. We wanted to tap into that catalog to find the horror, the metaphysical, and the hope.

We hope you’ll follow us as we descend into the world of Stephen King. If you don’t, well, we can tell that you’ve forgotten the face of your father.

Here’s our episode schedule.

Episode 1: The Dark Tower

Episode 2: It

Episode 3: JUMBO EPISODE – Children of the Corn, The Shawshank Redemption, 1408